19:00 Ignition Trance Show with Ben Taylor
20:00 SUBculture Sessions DnB show w/ L2D2

17:00 The Tech Lounge with Gary Ross (on hold)
20:00 Naked Tuesdays with Barney (a history of house)


17:00 TranceAddiction with Daz H (most weeks)
20:00 KAIA presents Mash-Up Wednesdays (25 years of Dance) (alternate Wednesdays)
22:00 Hardcore Vibes with Jay Dubya


19:00 Russ P show (Trance/Hard Dance/D&B)
21:00 The Code show with Jordan R (Trance/Hard Dance, alternate weeks)

Hard Edge Fridays:

17:00 Rock The House w/ Drew Millard
18:00 Progression (Trance) Show with Reggie
19:00 TRANCEFIXED/HardEdge Fridays with The Jester (hard dance/trance, alternate weeks)


12:00 I Love to Underground with The Adapt
14:00 Territory with Connect & Poison (jungle/D&B)
16:00 Mitchell x Ayscough pres. The Circus (EDM & Trance)
18:00 House Sessions with Marianne Tina Sirrs


14:00 JD pres. The Groove Hour (tech house)
16:00 The Orange Peelers (house show)
17:00 Journeys with a map of bass music with DJ D35modus
18:00 RetroHedz Show with DJ Retro (Oldskool)
20:00 The DnB show with Final Edit

More shows being added weekly. Watch this space!